Available here are select snippets of novel chapters, game scripts,

TV pilot scripts, and a few video excerpts.

(Labeled and color-coded "Light" or "Dark" as appropriate.)

More files coming soon.

FIVE ELEMENTS Book 1: The Emerald Tablet

A Middle-Grade Urban Fantasy trilogy from HarperChildren, the FIVE ELEMENTS novels (The Emerald Tablet, The Shadow City, and The Crimson Serpent) chronicle the adventures of four best friends in modern-day San Francisco who become accidentally bound to the magical elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. (Strong appeal for fans of Percy Jackson.)

Agent Mongoose & the Hypno-Beam Scheme

Part of Lerner Books' TWISTED JOURNEYS series, this "game book" puts the reader in the shoes of the masked operative known only as "Agent Mongoose." A new take on the "choose your own adventure" format, it combines prose with dynamic sequential art and offers the reader multiple endings to the same story. Ages 9 - 12.

Saber's Edge

Developed by Hibernum Studios in 2016, this mobile, match-sets puzzle game features a likable crew of sky-pirates on a quest to save a former crew member.


Reboot of the classic property in comic book form for Devil's Due Productions.

Gray Widow's Web

Taken from Book 2 of the Gray Widow Trilogy. These Urban Sci-Fi novels center on Janey Sinclair, a young woman in modern-day Atlanta with the mysterious ability to teleport from one patch of darkness to another, as she struggles to survive in the face of a secret alien invasion. (Includes adult language, brutal violence, horror, and sexuality.)

Bloodhound TV Pilot

From a script based on the comic book series created and written by Yours Truly. Bloodhound is the story of Travis Clevenger, a huge, vicious, fiercely intelligent profiler who tracks down superhuman criminals.

(Includes adult language and brutal violence.)

Dying Light

This is the intro cinematic to the game, explaining the whats and wherefores. Words by Yours Truly.

The intro cinematic leads into the first cutscene, in which protagonist Kyle Crane experiences an immediate run of bad luck.

(Contains zombie violence.)

Then, a bit later on, the fate of one of the main characters is revealed. WARNING! SPOILER! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

(Contains zombie violence and adult language.)

Prototype 2

Intro cinematic and tutorial, in which protagonist James Heller has a series of very bad days.

(Contains sci-fi violence and adult language.)