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Glad you're here! But first, a Thing You Should Know:

The works of fiction on this site fall into one of two categories.

The first is family-friendly, rated G to PG, and features lots of fun (sometimes funny) adventures.

The second is NOT kid-friendly, rated R, and contains heaping helpings of violence, horror, and sexuality.

Please make good choices.

Published Works


Chills, spills, and thrills for all ages


No-holds-barred bone-crunching insanity

What's the Latest?

Hey, everyone. Brian Keene is an awesome guy, someone I'm privileged to call a friend, and he's been badly burned in an accident and could really use your help. If you could chip in a bit, I'd be grateful, and it could make a huge difference in his and his family's lives.

 Thanks in advance.

FIVE ELEMENTS 3: The Crimson Serpent


San Francisco and Arcadia have merged into one nightmarish reality. Now Gabe and his friends must risk the ultimate sacrifice and unite all five elements…one last time.

Urban Fantasy.

GRAY WIDOW 3: Gray Widow's War


The true nature of the monstrous alien weapons experiment breaks loose as Earth faces deadly new enemies, both native and extraterrestrial. Will Janey Sinclair survive in the face overwhelming odds?

Urban Sci-Fi.

THE BLOG: Random Synaptic Happenings

Opinions, grandiose statements, and occasional facts

Sometimes the blog posts string together!

I've got three series so far.

"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been," about how I got started in the writing biz,

"How To Write the Way I Write," a tutorial in comic book scripting, and

"An American Dev In Poland," about the time I spent in Wrocław, working on Dying Light.

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