So who's this "Dan" guy?

I'm Dan Jolley. I grew up in a rural Southern town as a huge fan of all things science-fiction and fantasy, and now I’m lucky enough (and stubborn enough) to make my living writing novels, video games, comic books, and children's books.

I got started writing professionally at age 19. Beginning in comic books, I worked for most of the major American publishers, such as DC (Firestorm), Marvel (Dr. Strange), Dark Horse (Aliens), and Image (G.I. Joe), soon branching out into licensed-property novels (Star Trek), film novelizations (Iron Man), and original novels, including the Middle Grade Urban Fantasy series Five Elements and the Urban Sci-Fi Gray Widow Trilogy.

I first got a chance to write for video games in 2007, and since then I've contributed storylines, characters, and dialogue to titles such as Transformers: War for Cybertron, Prototype 2, and Dying Light. Recently, I sold a pilot for a live-action TV series to Nickelodeon with co-creator Shawn deLoache. (More details on that as things progress.)

My very patient wife Tracy and I live with a handful of largely inert felines in northwest Georgia, where the winters are mild, the summers are hellish, and the sweet tea flows in delicious amber rivers.